Save time and resources!

Offer your products worldwide within minutes & automate your CAD construction process

Your sales team creates convincing quotes quickly and easily with SAE CPQ. The technical feasibility is guaranteed by the relationship knowledge operating in the background. Also, up to date prices, attractive images and informative texts are integrated in the SAE system – so you can advise your customers perfectly!

Once the configuration is complete, a convincing quote document is generated at the push of a button and can be sent immediately to the potential customer. When the quote becomes an order, the configuration parameters are transferred to the connected CAD system at the click of a button and the CAD design is generated automatically.

This not only saves resources, but also provides precious time for customer specific special designs & innovative, new products.

With SAE, you digitalize and harmonize your sales, design and production processes, work in an integrated system landscape and are well equipped for the future.

3D configuration of a sanitary system
Transmit a configured 3D model of a sanitary systems to CAD
CAD automation: Check sanitary system in Autodesk Inventor

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How does CAD automation work with SAE 3D CPQ?

  • Easily create a quote with SAE CPQ
  • Configure products (create browser-capable digital twins yourself from existing CAD data – with just a few clicks)
  • Automatically generated, attractive quote document with up to date prices (incl. bill of material)
  • Transfer configuration values & parameters to CAD system with just one click (Inventor, Solidworks, NX, …)
  • Automatically generated CAD construction is available and can be amended to consider later customer-specific change requests