IFOY AWARD 2019: “Best in Intralogistics” certificates presented

11. March 2019

IFOY AWARD 2019: “Best in Intralogistics”
certificates presented

“Best in Intralogistics” certificates presented at the IFOY TEST DAYS in Hannover.

Sign "Welcome to the IFOY Test Days" at exhibition are in Hannover

IFOY seals go to:

Cargometer, Clark, Combilift, Hubtex, Jungheinrich, Raymond, SAE, Still,
Torwegge and UniCarriers as well as the two startups ProGlove and Trône Seating.
Ismaning near Munich/Hannover, March 8, 2019. At the end of the IFOY TEST DAYS (1 to 8 March
2019) at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds the IFOY organisation presented the “Best in
Intralogistics” certificates 2019. Representatives of twelve companies got the certificates during the
IFOY TEST DAYS Dinner. Representatives from Cargometer, Clark, Combilift, Hubtex,
Jungheinrich, Raymond, SAE, Still, Torwegge and UniCarriers were delighted to receive the seal.
For the first time in the history of the IFOY AWARD certificates were given to two startups:
ProGlove and Trône Seating.

“The `Best in Intralogistics´ seal was introduced last year in order to visibly document the high
degree of innovation of the nominated trucks and solutions that successfully completed the IFOY
test procedure. Only innovations, that carry the certificate, have passed the three-part IFOY Audit
as well as the independent intralogistics test,” explains Sascha Schmel, managing director of the
VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Sector Association, which is the sponsor of the IFOY

The IFOY Audit, which traditionally takes place on the premises of IFOY partner Deutsche Messe
AG, lasts eight days. It comprises various test series. The results serve as decision support for the
29 jury members. In order to ensure that the performance values and the innovation gap are
objectively assessable, the nominees in a category are not compared with each other, but always
with comparable trucks or solutions on the market.

The first part of the IFOY Audit is the scientific IFOY Innovation Check, which is conducted by the
Dortmund Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), the Chair for Technical
Logistics at the University of Dresden, the Chair for Materials Handling Material Flow Logistics (fml)
at the Technical University of Munich and the Chair for Machine Elements and Technical Logistics
at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

IFOY test days

The experts give their assessments of the finalists in
terms of market relevance, customer benefit, type of execution and degree of innovation.

In addition the scientists verify the innovations specified by the manufacturers in the test hall and
evaluate in a technology comparison, whether they are further developments, new compositions or
genuine innovations.

The second of the IFOY Audit is the practice-oriented IFOY Test by Dutch trade journalist Theo
Egberts. It measures the hard facts and compares them with the relevant competitive machines.
They are subjected to individually tailored driving or functional tests, including the IFOY Test
protocol, which comprises around 80 criteria and determines, among other things, costeffectiveness and energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and ergonomics. In order to ensure that the test results are falsified by external influences such as lighting, weather conditions or aisle
widths, the test hall creates identical conditions for all candidates.

The third part of the audit is the assessment of the finalists by the jurors and their authorised
consultants. The jury members form an opinion from the IFOY Innovation Check, the IFOY Test
results and their own test experiences and vote accordingly.

However, whoever wins the 2019 race will remain a well-kept secret for a few weeks to come – for
the manufacturers, too. The secret will be ventilated during the festive IFOY AWARD Night, which
will take place on 26 April in the Hofburg Vienna (Austria).

“Best in Intralogistics” Certificates 2019 at a glance

Category: Counter Balanced Truck
S-Series / S25, Clark Europe
TX3 3-wheel counterbalance truck, UniCarriers
Category: Warehouse Truck
Combi-PPT, Combilift
MaxX, Hubtex
ETV 216i, Jungheinrich
Category: AGV & Intralogistics Robot
Miniload (STC), Jungheinrich
Automated tugger train with LTX 50, Still
MANIPULA-TORsten (TORsten meets Friends), Torwegge
Category: Intralogistics Software
CARGOMETER “on-the-fly” freight dimensioning, Cargometer
zoneCONTROL, Jungheinrich
neXXT fleet, Still
Category: Special of the Year
Virtual Reality Simulator, Raymond
3D VR Configure Price Quote, SAE
Category: Startup of the Year
ProGlove, ProGlove
Electric Memory Seat, Trône Seating